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Discover Tranquility and Luxury

in the Heart of Colorado's Wild West Wonderland

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Escape, Celebrate, and Capture

Unveil the Allure of Silverpick Ranch - Your Premier Destination for Vacation, Unforgettable Weddings, and Cinematic Productions in Colorado's Wild West.

Your search ends here at Silverpick Ranch.

     Welcome to Silverpick Ranch, a 70-acre haven nestled in the heart of the quintessential Wild West mountain landscape in Colorado. Set against the majestic backdrop of Wilson Peak, the highest 'fourteener' surrounding Telluride's world-class ski resort, our ranch invites you to embark on a journey through the ever-changing beauty of the San Juan Mountains.

At the heart of our property stands a newly completed, custom-built 4-bed/5-bath lifestyle ranch, seamlessly marrying reclaimed and rustic timber elements with contemporary finishes, creating a mountain modern masterpiece. Through floor-to-ceiling windows, witness elk and mule deer herds grazing, count diverse bird and wildflower species, and experience the mesmerizing transition from sunrise to vibrant sunset hues. As night falls, marvel at the constellations in this designated dark-sky area.

Every gaze offers a sense of awe and appreciation, capturing the profound stillness and serenity the wilderness provides. Silverpick Ranch promises to etch the pristine setting and wondrous energy into your soul.

Envision this breathtaking beauty as the backdrop to your event, where the significance of stillness meets the serenity of the wilderness.


Outstanding Views. 
An Exquisite Venue. 
White-Glove Services. 



We can help your dream come to life with our curated list of the best wedding planners, private chefs, catering services, spa services, stylists, live bands and more.


Host Unforgettable Gatherings Amidst Wilderness Beauty.

Where Every Moment Shines.


Are you feeling disconnected? With our modern, fast-paced lives, it's not surprising!

There's nothing like a Retreat to to Silver Pick Ranch to get you re-connected and feeling "at one" with Nature. You will go home refreshed, revitalized and in awe of Mother Nature's Gifts 


Your Vision

You have been dreaming about it, imagining this special day, perhaps visualizing it in meditations. We know the details can seem overwhelming. 

The first step to realizing your dream, is to share it! 

Go ahead - book now or contact with one of our consultants and we'll help you to make it happen. We're excited to help make it memorable!


It's all about the Journey...

Better make it memorable!

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